Black and White

The shaded areas of life, they are of the utmost importance. Dive into them, devour them, as they are what your soul is made of. We are nothing if not the grey areas of our life. And that, my darlings, is where my problem lies. I do not know what grey is, and I never have. All in or entirely out. That being said, I find it difficult to understand many things. Vexed by lack of explanation, with a wicked need to fathom all that is. The consequences have been that of heartache and chaos. I have decided that it is time to discover the grey in my life. As I am also a writer and a poet, I have chosen to create my first blog. I am quite certain there will be no order to it. Random thoughts, poems, perhaps some of me simply rambling on. All of it, however, will tie together – It will be me trying to make sense of the grey areas.

Lastly, my heart and soul will be (I am sure) my main subjects – So I know this is an odd request: Let me remain a stranger.

Take from that what you will.


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