Because I Love Them Both

“You cannot love them both.”

“Oh, my darling, but I can. As I will until the end of time.”

“Then you will have to choose.”

“I made the only choice I had to: The roles they play in my life. The rest will work itself out, as it has to. My life will be spent with them both. One I see when I open my eyes, and the other I see when I close them.”

I know that my previous post was also about loving two people at the same time. The repetition may not be favorable, but its been weighing heavy on my mind. It is my complicated belief that one should, if they so desire, spend their life with more than one person. By that, I do not mean that you say “I do” to multiple people. There is the lovely girl to whom I will marry, build my life with; happily, beautifully and with deep passion. And then there is also the girl who I love endlessly, that I shall never part with. For she is worth every spare moment – the one who is always on my mind. I would never choose to leave the first for the second. It would never be like that. But I belong with both of them, although in different ways – And it feels so right, only… The world does not see it like that. It would call me selfish, and sinful. How unfair it is, and how I could not truly love them both. That is not how it works, but… it is how it works. One could tell me every day of how wrong it is. I am, however, still going to wake up next to one and fall asleep thinking of the other. Maybe I will also find my eyes wandering to a third person. Whatever that makes me, I do not know. I will just be waiting for society to open it’s mind, and let us live in the way that brings us peace.

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