There has to be more

My favorite place is quite a view. I am alone here, looking at a few cities from far above. Country music blasting in the background, this never gets old. It is my safe place – I can be as broken as I need to be, nature does not judge.

I have much to do – I need to leave here. But I’m paralyzed. Life is simple up here, I can’t go back down the hill. Where these thoughts go back to being reality. And I have to force a smile. Because nobody likes a sad girl. Be brave, keep my head up – I can do this, right? I have to.

I must leave here, it’s time to go. Come on heart, stop hurting. My stomach, please stop feeling like you have a hole in it. I can’t go on like this. Except I have to – Fake it until you make it, I guess.

And know that even if it seems like this is now my life. That this is it. It isn’t – it will get better. It has to. This can’t be what my life is made up.

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