My favorite secret

There is not much for certainties in life, but I always knew I would see her again. We would never be in love, but we would always be something. Not friends, no – we think about each other a little too often. Friends definitely don’t kiss like that. Even on nights where they had too much Tequila, and all seems right. And they definitely do not think about it all the time.

.                           .                               .

I have always needed labels for everything in my life. That is, until there was her. What would I label it anyways? ‘My best friend whom I have feelings for but am not in love with but love more than just a friend but I don’t want to be with her I just want to hold her hand and kiss her but not like a real relationship.’ Come on, laugh with me. You cannot form that into a label. Even that run on sentence took away the beauty that is her and I. More than friends, but much less than lovers. But as people would not even understand that. We do use one label with it: A secret. My favorite secret

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