What is a soulmate? Or rather, in my belief, what are soulmates? (Plural, if you didn’t catch that.) The dictionary defines it as “a person ideally suited for another.” And as accurate as that is, it’s too simple. Truly, the word “soulmate” has an infinite amount of definitions. Here is mine (and keep in mind, I believe me have multiple.)

They come out of nowhere. You’re just doing ‘the life thing,’ and suddenly you stumble upon a soulmate. Like okay, I wasn’t even looking for this. And you decide to throw at me someone I can’t help but love unconditionally. This is irrevocable, you know – now part of my world revolves around them. Thanks, but this didn’t make my life easier.

Not to sound ungrateful, there is no better luck. It’s one of the most amazing life experiences, and I wish it upon everyone. But as life isn’t fair, you know it won’t be easy. Actually, it’s probably going to be really hard.

You now have (another) person your soul is drawn to. It isn’t obsession, but let me tell you – it isn’t far from, you’re going to think of them constantly. All. The. Fucking. Time. Even when you don’t want to, you’re going to. It’s inevitable, annoying and SO beautiful.

You’ll have this need to make them happy. Their smile is now one of your favorites. They smile, you smile. It’s just the way it works. And when you’re the reason they laugh, OH MY LANTA, your heart will fill with joy. Like this is the moment, ladies and gentlemen, this was my goal of the day.

All the love songs will make sense. And when you have more than one, every song will remind you of someone. Jamming out in the car, singing in the the shower, whatever it is you do – You’ll feel that music on a cosmic level.

Naturally, you’ll fight. It’s a given and (for me) I’m a fighter – so it’s going to be often. (Sorry not sorry.) But you know their your soulmate, because fighting with them will take your breath away. It will be as comfortable as swallowing glass. But you’ll fix it, because you have to. You’ll have forever to do so, because I promise you – you will be together for life. Their a piece of you now.

And remember how I told you that you have multiple? I meant two or three. Our hearts still have limits. But you’re going to love them, you’re going to love them so much. With everything that you are. That whatever the rest of the world thinks of you, it won’t matter. As long as they love you in return.

It’s going to be painful, but it’s going to be so damn worth it.

That is a soulmate.

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