Inspiration can come in all kinds of ways. Words of a stranger, a sunflower, a new song you hear on the radio. Little things can completely change your life. And as for me, I find inspiration everywhere. I pay attention, to absolutely everything. (Funny for someone who forgets everything. Even while I’m speaking, wait.. what am I talking about?)

Just today, someone told me about there being all kinds of fires. That’s why the air is so smokey. And I thought about that. Not the context in which she was speaking, but fires themselves. There are a ton of people attempting to put these fires out, but they can’t. It keeps burning everything down, despite their effort. Be the fire. Be unstoppable, be unapologetic. Do not let anyone put out your flames.

And even if you fail, and they do. Be a fucking Phoenix, rising from those ashes and burning the world down. Caring not what anyone thinks, be relentless. Do what you need to do to be extraordinary. My darlings, great things await you if you believe in yourself.

You will never be unanimously liked. Every wonderful quality about you will be judged by someone. The courageous will be called careless, and the kind will be called weak; the loyal will be called stupid, and the confident will be called narcissistic. It’s the ‘way of the world,’ but do not falter. Be fearless, do not succumb to your enemies.

Not to say we are invincible, only a fool thinks that. Words hurt, we are (if we are being honest) capable of being destroyed. But defeat, THAT is a choice. I believe that so whole heartedly. In fact, I have a tattoo that reads “I can be destroyed, but not defeated.”

But fix yourself, be your own hero. Burn down whatever needs to be burnt down to be amazing.

Be the fire.

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