Consume me

My favorite taste is her lips. Sweeter than candy, with passion and desire. Kiss me harder, push yourself against me. Leaving no space, I can feel your heartbeat against mine. In sync, tachycardia like. This right now, this is everything. If this was my final act, I would be content with it. Breathing harder, soon I may forget how. Lost in you, becoming one. Move with me, lay me down. Fall into me, consume me. Devour every part of me, suffocate me with your entire being. No coming up for air, the rest of the world ceases to exist. It is you and it is I; intertwined and in perfect form. There will be a million more moments made for this, but right now – we act as if it’s the last. Fervently spinning in circles. ‘Round and ’round, natural and pure. We were made for and by this. The universe and all else, favoring us in a way it never has before; with knowledge that it will again. Infinite days to come, this is our life now. But don’t loosen your grip, spread me apart and take all of me. The madness rushing in, In such a way that it threatens to drive me mad.

Let’s do it again.

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