Barefoot, I walked through the forest. Vexed by the rocks that cut my feet. Leaving scars that will last a lifetime. As my feet bled, I noticed not. The mud covered up the horrendous sight. Should I wash them in the river? I think not. It’s better if I do not know the damage – so I keep on walking. My hair getting stuck in the branches, now filled with leaves – I must look feral by now. I shake my head, but none fall. They are a part of me now. Stinging nettles brush my arm, but I ignore the agony. I have many miles to go, and to dwell on the pain would slow me down. Keep yourself focused, do not falter. One foot in front of the other. Do not stop to take a break. Breathe, ignore your body as it begs you to pause. You have to, you have to go on. I begin to run, my throat tightens up. In need of water, but it must wait. Bare with me, it isn’t too far from here. One more mile, you are so close. Half a mile…. a quarter of a mile…. thirteen feet… and there you are. You spin in circles as you met your destination. Forgetting all the pain. This moment, this moment right here is everything. It was worth it, right?

And that, my friends, is how we survive.

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