Anxious love

A fictional story:

“I love you, sweet girl. You are a part of me now. There’s no going back from this – I’m in too deep. You have my heart.” She told me as a tear fell from her honest eyes.

Everything sounded so genuine, and I wanted to believe her. I wanted those words to be true. Everything about her was loved by me. My heart was hers in return.

“I don’t believe you, please do not say things that aren’t true.”

There was heartbreak in her eyes. Wide eyed, more tears fell. This time, they were made of sadness.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No,” I said truthfully.

“My heart is in your hands, my soul is tied to yours. And you think that I’m lying?” She said in anger.

“My love for you is irrevocable. You came into my world and changed everything. It’s like I never realized my life wasn’t complete until I met you. Now I’m whole and I could never go back to a life without you.” Now tears were falling from my eyes as well. She didn’t say anything, so I went on.

“Please understand, I wish I could believe you. But my anxiety is screaming into my ear. Telling me that it’s too good to be true. Nobody could love ME like that. That I’m not worthy, that you’ll leave me.” More tears fell from my face. She, however, smiled.

“I am going to say these things to you every day. And someday, babe, you’ll believe me.”

She followed those words with a kiss. And in that moment, I had nothing more to say.

(I just wanted to post something before bed. Short with little meaning, but hey – it’s something.) xo.

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